Tuesday, March 24, 2009

KMart Double Coupons

Thanks to my friend Sara, whom if you haven't checked out her blog yet...please do, informed us on KMarts double coupon deal. Our KMart is offering up to $2 coupons to be doubled to $4 off!!

Sara posts good deals she finds, including a lot of free items!!!

So Sara, this is for you!!

I sent my hubby with a baggy full of coupons and had him shop at Kmart while I hit up Martins. He came back with all this for $20. I was proud b/c the diapers in itself would have cost more than that and we got all this for $20!! And to top it off it is all things that we use and need!! I was so excited...and I think he enjoyed saving as much as I did.

I truly have been saving with you girl!!


Staci said...

woohoo! You did great for $20 bucks!

Sara said...

Way to go girl!!!!

Lisha said...

Go look and see what Amy got!! She did well too!! :)