Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday

A friend over at EcOnomical Mom has a great blog on ideas for saving, going green, and just running a household. She also posts her weekly menu and has this Tipsy Tuesday where you share your tips for cleaning, saving, gardening, shopping, you name it! So I am going to participate this week with.....
I am antsy about posting because I assume that my tips are not extraordinary tips and that they are more common sense. I figure most people already do them. But it works for me...so I am posting! :)


Laundry tips
I have a family of 4.
A hubby who changes twice a day for work and basketball practice and my obsession with not being able to use a bath towel more than 2 times a week before it needs to go into the laundry, a 2 1/2 year old who makes a mess of her clothes a couple times a day, and a son who changes his clothes often and I do the "sniff" test to see if they are dirty or clean, so as you can imagine, we make dirty laundry pretty fast!

I do not have more than one load waiting to be washed...how do I do it?
Easy! Here is how I tackle my laundry....hopefully something I say helps you tackle yours!
  • I have 4 laundry baskets and one hamper. The hamper is the master bedroom. One basket in my daughter's room and one basket in my son's room. One basket is under the dryer waiting for new clean clothes and another is in the laundry room with probably a folded batch of clean clothes :) I think the key is to not have TOO many baskets or you will tend to overuse them and hoard clean clothes in the baskets instead of putting them away.

  • I wash my most of my laundry on COLD/COLD to save energy. I do not have a fancy front load washer so this is the best choice I have to save energy. This way I am not running my hot water heater constantly.
  • A load of laundry must be done on a daily basis. If I do a load a day it keeps my weekend laundry to a minimum. Some days I do two...it depends on how much time I have that day.
  • Doing the laundry is only part of the battle. Putting it away can be the most difficult thing to accomplish. During nap time or quiet time, I fold the load and keep it in the basket. Once I have 2-3 loads folded in baskets, in the evening, I take it upstairs to my bedroom and put it away while hubby has my two little ones in the bathtub. I turn my music up, dance away, and put clothes away. This is how I tackle hubby and son's t-shirts. They both tend to DIG through the drawer to find a t-shirt and this works well...less mess :)
same with the undies.....gosh, hubby would die if he knew I put his skibbies on the Internet!!

  • I put it all out on my bed and put hubby and mine away. My daughter's clothes are put in a basket and my sons are put in a basket. Once all the laundry is put away in our room, I move to my sons where I put away his laundry and then move to my daughter's room. They like it at their young age, b/c they LIKE having me in their rooms while they play. So, it works out well.
  • On Sunday evenings when I am putting away clothes, my 5 year old son and I lay out his clothes for the week. I got a hanger at Walmart that organizes his clothes. There are 6 slots. We put Monday-Friday in the first 5 slots and his shoes in the bottom. It works wonderful! He just goes in, starts at the top and picks his clothes. He always knows what he is wearing and it makes mornings easier! As you can see below Monday and Tuesday is missing :) Please excuse his messy closet...he is 5 :)

I would love to get MORE laundry tips. Everything works for me in my household, but I love to hear about how other people tackle laundry! SHARE SHARE!
For more great tips go *HERE*!!!


Casey (EcOnomical Mom) said...

What an AWESOME post/tip!!! Thank you for sharing. Your common sense is extraordinary! More...more...more.

Casey (EcOnomical Mom) said...

Love this blog!!! Stop by to pick up your Kreativ Blogger award.

Tracy said...

hey lady that post had to have taken you 2 hours.....lol.....so one tip is to shorten the post and hit the road for 20 minutes of exercise....lol....i hear ya....your uncle has been walking me as i have also stopped exercising so im back to walking again.....and having him force me helps..!

Anonymous said...

I am a working mom. I decided that doing laundry every day is wasteful of all the resources including my time and energy. I got enough clothing for the boys (2) to change everyday and then some. Asked them to separate darks and lights in the hampers, and then help with folding.
I did laundry once (1) a week when they were little and then every ten days as they grew older and stopped spilling and throwing up eall the time.
You can spend all your life folding laundry or gain some perspective and sanity and help save $$ and reserve much needed water, cut down pollution by re-examining your life and tasks. Being busy all the time does not help your kids, or family, or you for that matter. Being sane and well organized does. Set a good example by being better organized and having a life. In this country we have lost all perspective on what family life should be and it is not about doing the housewrk but being able to be loving and intimate with our kids and mates. Having more family time sharing more. Involve your kids in the household tasks. Raise responsible AND accountable people. You will be grateful later when they hit their teenage years that you raised them responsible. The world needs those mor ethan laundry obsessed moms.

Goosie and Boomer Bowtique said...

Dear Anonymous,
Take a tip from the blogger... spend an hour a day doing laundry versus using the same amount of energy on a weekend doing laundry and spend that weekend off with YOUR kids.
Plus, if you intend to be rude... you should at least post your name.
And, since you have enough clothes to do such laundry intermittently... Goodness, how often do you wash your towels and sheets?
Your comment seems more like a personal attack than a comment.

Lisha said...

thank you Goosie and Boomer! You are SO correct!! Besides...I am not wasting any more water by doing it every day to every other day than you are using when you do every 10 days. You are still doing the same amount of laundry. And seriously, you need the life. Just because I keep up with my laundry does NOT mean i am laundry obsessed just WELL ORGANIZED.

supah ~d said...

Um.. hello...

Seems wasteful to BUY additional clothing rather than spend the um... 2 minutes loading a washer and 3 minutes transferring it into the dryer. THAT seems lazy. Life is full of tasks that are mundane and take away from daily life, but that's life.

Teach your children to be realistic and manage their time well Lisha, as you have been. :)

Don't teach them to go and buy 10 pairs of underwear because you can't manage your time well enough to keep their clothes clean other than every 10 days. That must be one LONG ASS 10th day of laundry. Wonder how much time is allotted for kids that day?