Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oreo Balls

Are you hungry?? Are you craving chocolate??

I here's a recipe for you!

WARNING: These are hard to stop eating! Make sure you don't make them will eat them all!!! :)

Oreo Balls

1 standard-size of Oreo cookies
1 standard-size of cream cheese, softened
16 ounce package of any kind of candy making chocolate

Crush Oreo cookies into fine crumbs and mix in the cream cheese until no white is showing. The mixture will have a dough-like consistency. Refidgerate long enough to firm up the dough, at least 30 minutes, so that is it is easier to form into balls. Once firm, roll the dough into bite-size balls.

Melt chocolate. Dip the battter into the chocolate and allow to cool on waxed paper. Allow chocolate to set in the refridgerator or freezer. Yields between 24 and 36 cookies.

*I prefer to make them without the choc. covering, so dipping them in chocolate is optional.



Sara said...

Sounds yummy! I craving something sweet.

Mary said...

So how am I suppose to stay on a diet when you post things like that. I 'heart' oreo cookies!

Lisha said...

me too, mom....Make them and take them to work to sabbatoge the others LMAO :)