Thursday, February 19, 2009

Menu Plan

Back to life...back to reality!! Basketball is OVER!! Well...sorta. Hubby has been home more, but still has playoffs next week. Is it bad for me to hope he loses the first game?? Oh that is terrible! Anywho...since basketball is unwinding, I need to get my organized menu plan back in the works. So, I am starting it back up again for my loyal readers and mainly for myself :)


Thursday: Skillet chicken breasts (cooked in extra light olive oil, salt, and pepper), steamed broccoli, and baked potatoes

Friday: Out as a treat :)

Saturday: Grab subs for dinner. (Subway..I got weigh in Sunday morning!)

Sunday: Chicken cooked in crock pot (just water, salt, pepper, and a can of chicken broth), waffles, and gravy, and corn. (Save leftover chicken for Thursday)

Monday: Hubby has playoff game (kids and I will eat at home. Me a salad or WW Smart One)

Tuesday: WW Baked Beef Ziti, (using ground lean turkey instead of beef), salad, and garlic bread

Wednesday: Honey-Dijon Salmon, whole grain rice, and mixed veggies

Thursday: Broccoli Rollups and salad

Friday: Haddock broiled with a brush of olive oil, baked potatoes, peas

Saturday: Out :)

Sunday: Vegetable Soup (homemade)


Sara said...

You're making me hungry! Your menu looks good. :)

Lisha said...

I am hungry too!! And I am SO up this week...because I am snacking OVERTIME lol.