Saturday, January 10, 2009

Making a Diaper Cake

Back in 2006 the girls in the school cafeteria where I was teaching at the time made me THE cutest diaper cake ever. I had never seen or heard of one before and I was amazed at the idea of it. I think people look at it and believe that it is so hard to make, but it is so easy!
I made one, well actually two, for my friend Amy, who is having her fourth baby at the end of this month. A group of her friends and I threw her a surprise baby shower. The one girl added on some things she made from her Cricut, which I do not have....but will someday, to make it flashier.
However, below are several pictures of what it looked like after I made it. It still looked presentable and stunning. Take a look!!
And I included the video I followed so I could make it all by myself :) I am very proud because I don't do these things often, so it must be all that my Mommy taught me!
Different Views of the cake: (excuse my daughter in the background...she was SO interested!)

The second smaller diaper cake with the extra diapers:

Here is the video! SO EASY!! PS...I suggest using size 2 diapers...makes it alot easier!


Mary said...

Very cool diaper cake. It's cute!
Did you find the directions for the pom poms?

Lisha said...

I did find the directions! Wait till you see how I decorate this house on a budget for a bridal shower!!